Data Management

The key to a successful real-time business intelligence project is to find the right balance between how fast business users want BI data to be delivered to them and how much it would cost to achieve those results


Enterprise Application

For any of your enterprise application solutions, look no further simply because our team of well experienced enterprise application specialists will be at hand to see to it that you receive world class quality development services.



When it comes to the battle against distributed denial-of-service attacks, you are not alone. With the increasing use of third-party service providers, your organization likely has a huge arsenal of bandwidth, technology and know-how at its disposal.


Technology Consulting

Integrate the management of IT financials, suppliers, and other resources to improve business alignment and communicate value to stakeholders.Learn more about the only truly integrated technology consulting


Mobile Solutions

An on-demand mobile application helps our clients find, connect with and serve their consumers better.

Customized Beauty & Wellness Services App

This connects service providers in hair care, beauty salons, massage s, spas, makeup and beauty products available via home delivery with their customers.

  • Customers have the option to schedule an appointment at beauty industry enterprises after setting their time, branch and service preferences.
  • Customers can order products from services providers in the beauty and wellness retail segment and have it delivered to their doorstep
  • Customers also have the option to schedule appointments with on-call freelancers and enterprises who send their experts such as make-up artists to a specific location such as a home or wedding venue

Transportation Services App

Customized on demand applications help services providers in industries such as car/bike taxis, car rentals, car wash, tow services as well as vehicle repair and maintenance to reach their customers.

  • Customers can use their app to avail of emergency services such as towing trucks or vehicle repair and maintenance, in the shortest time
  • Customers can book taxis by selecting their starting and destination points along with a preferred car/bike type such as two-wheeler, sedan etc.
  • Customers can rent cars or bikes as required for their personal travel requirements. Information such as a digital copy of the driving licence and/or passport can be sent via the app.
  • Customers can use the app to book an appointment at their local car wash or service centre. Alternatively, they can hire an on-call service provider to wash the car at a location of their choice or offer pickup and drop service.

Customized Home Services App

This helps connect small and medium service providers, including those services that are largely freelance oriented, with their customers.

  • Customers can schedule appointments with on call freelancers such as handymen or maids to a location of their choosing
  • Customers have the option to make choices based on previous feedback, prices, availability, proximity of location and estimated time of service delivery
  • Services providers working in laundry and appliance service/repair sectors can offer pickup and drop service to customers, wherein the clothes or appliance would be collected from a location of the customer’s choosing, washed, repaired or serviced at the provider’s centre and then delivered back.

Healthcare App

Customized on-demand applications can connect patients to clinics and doctors. The application incorporates a variety of services including

  • Scheduling appointments at clinics and hospitals
  • Setting appointments with doctors offering house-visits
  • E-consultation with doctors for immediate response and/or second opinion via the app
  • Facility to send documents such as X Rays, results and images via the app
  • Facility to book home nurses
  • E-prescriptions for doctors to send their medical prescriptions to the patient via the app, with their digital signatures. This can then be displayed at the local pharmacy for the prescribed medication. Alternatively, patients can transmit the prescription and place orders directly via the app to pharmacies that offer door-delivery services.

Sports and Fitness App

This connects service providers in the sports and fitness industry to their consumers.

  • Customers can request diet consultation from expert dieticians
  • Customers can interact with and get tips from personal trainers via the app
  • Customers can choose to schedule appointments with personal trainers available at their location. Details such as feedback, testimonials and price estimates will be displayed for their convenience
  • Customers can order sports / fitness equipment and have it delivered to their door
  • Customers can keep track of local sports events and buy tickets through the app
  • Customers can interact with other users with similar interests, start their own fan associations or sports clubs and book sports facilities or venues for games, tournaments and match-screenings

E commerce App

Customized on-demand applications can be used to cater to a variety of the customer’s ecommerce and transaction requirements. This includes

  • Tips and transaction services from online financial service providers such as stock brokers, portfolio managers etc
  • Secure e-payment services for cash-less transactions via the app. This may be integrated with their prepaid account balance or bank account and can be used to pay utility bills, e-shopping etc.
  • Recharge mobile

Customized Enterprise Resource Planning App

ERP applications help organizations comprehensively manage their day-to-day operations. The application can regulate a variety of functions including

  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Corporate Performance and Governance

Customer Relationship Management App

Mobile apps provide an avenue for brands to reach out to their customers. By reaching customers with targeted campaigns based on their shopping history and preferences, brands can inspire loyalty and increase sales. The application also helps keep track of what products, campaigns and/or offers the customers respond most to and helps the brands plan and strategize accordingly.

Travel App

On-demand applications can help service providers in the travel and hospitality industry reach out to customers as well as enhance their experiences. Services provided include

  • Travel planner including recommendations, scheduling, flight reservation and hotel booking
  • Tourists can hire a local guide at places of interest
  • Tourists can book guided tours or find people of similar interest to avail of bulk booking discounts
  • Tourists can compare rates and reviews of different travel and hospitality providers to pick the best one for themselves
  • A large portion of the expenses including those for on-the-ground travel can be made via the app, reducing the risk associated with carrying money
  • Service providers can design tailor-made packages for their customers

Education App

The vast resources available through the internet open up a world of possibilities to students. These include

  • Online courses
  • Easy language lessons
  • Ability to access exam results instantly moments after they are published online
  • Take online tests and apply for certification courses
  • Facility to apply to universities and courses depending on their interests
  • Ability to make use of course guides, sample question papers and solution sets

Service providers in the education industry can reach out to students based on their preferences.

Events and Ticketing App

Helps users perform all event management functions from event creation to booking venues, hiring performers, sending invitations and managing the guest list.

  • Organizers can create ticketed events and market as well as sell tickets to customers via the app
  • Customers can set their preferences and have events listed based on the same. They can share their experiences, give feedback as well as invite friends and family to the events
  • Tickets can be purchased through the app and customers can avail of special discounts and offers

Delivery Services App

Be it groceries, cooked meals, mails or furniture, customers can make use of the app to reach delivery services who offer point to point movement of goods. Packages can be collected from and delivered to addresses of the customer’s choosing, furniture and goods can be moved from an old place of residence to a new one and food can be delivered right to their doorstep, all using the app. User generated reviews, price listings, availability and proximity of location help customers pick the best services from the ones available.