Data Management

The key to a successful real-time business intelligence project is to find the right balance between how fast business users want BI data to be delivered to them and how much it would cost to achieve those results


Enterprise Application

For any of your enterprise application solutions, look no further simply because our team of well experienced enterprise application specialists will be at hand to see to it that you receive world class quality development services.



When it comes to the battle against distributed denial-of-service attacks, you are not alone. With the increasing use of third-party service providers, your organization likely has a huge arsenal of bandwidth, technology and know-how at its disposal.


Technology Consulting

Integrate the management of IT financials, suppliers, and other resources to improve business alignment and communicate value to stakeholders.Learn more about the only truly integrated technology consulting


About NTG

NT Global is an international management and technology consulting company.

 At NTG, our unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities and thrust towards innovation have helped us cater across an assortment of business functions and industries including Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Mining, Banking, SMEs, Public Sector Organizations, Agriculture, Transportation, Communication, Manufacturing, Law Enforcement, Satellite Internet and Defence. We have an impressive record of consistently delivering data management, enterprise applications, cloud computing, automation, biometrics, mobility, quality assurance, data security and asset management services. Our matchless expertise also extends to Embedded Systems, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Business Process Management, VSAT Ka-band Technology and Enterprise Resource Planning.

 We understand the value of your unique business goals. Our personalized IT solutions are engineered to optimize efficiency at all levels of the organization and  our seasoned success mantra of  “Citius, Vilius et Melius” (Faster, Cheaper and Better) helps you reduce operational delays, cut costs and transform your business into a globally competent entity.

In addition to revolutionizing businesses, our portfolio includes an extraordinary track record of collaborations with NGOs, Brands and Governments from across the planet. Our efficient Governance tools implement Information Technology to drive development in Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Satellite Communication, Financial Services, Natural Resource Procurement, Transportation, Energy, Law Enforcement and Defence.

From Automated Parking Meters, CCTV surveillance, Biometric/RFID Access and Asset Management for various public departments to Money Laundering trigger point detection, Tendering Automation and Supply Chain Management for Defence; the myriad systems and suites we offer are tailor-made to serve every fragment of Government and Public Sector Enterprise.

 Our Motto

Engineering Innovation for a Smarter Tomorrow

Our Mission

We strive to revamp businesses and public sector enterprises by crafting avant-garde solutions in quality assurance, analytics, technology consulting and management.

Our Vision

Our ambition is to be a tour de force in crafting a brighter future by catering our superior products and services to a global audience.


At NT Global we abide by our ‘troika’ of principles

  • Efficient Design through Creativity and Teamwork
  • Technology driven Sustainable Development
  • Service to society through Excellence in Innovation