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The key to a successful real-time business intelligence project is to find the right balance between how fast business users want BI data to be delivered to them and how much it would cost to achieve those results


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For any of your enterprise application solutions, look no further simply because our team of well experienced enterprise application specialists will be at hand to see to it that you receive world class quality development services.



When it comes to the battle against distributed denial-of-service attacks, you are not alone. With the increasing use of third-party service providers, your organization likely has a huge arsenal of bandwidth, technology and know-how at its disposal.


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Integrate the management of IT financials, suppliers, and other resources to improve business alignment and communicate value to stakeholders.Learn more about the only truly integrated technology consulting


Value Added Services for Telecom

Value Added Services

NT Global offers comprehensive solutions and cutting edge products that are tailor-made for industries such as Telecom, E Commerce, Sports, On Demand Services, Education etc.

Tailor-made for markets with a huge potential for a considerable mobile-based consumer segment, our products and services utilize the mobile platform to deliver optimal solutions to existing problems.

Our products include:


NTG’s Mobile Credit suite is a unique platform designed for offering mobile credit to users in the form of prepaid balance. It is intended to help subscribers gain access to easy and instant top ups when the balance is low.

This adds the benefit of enabling subscribers to utilize the mobile operator’s services without interruption. As and when a particular subscriber runs out of balance, s/he can request the mobile operator for a small amount of additional balance offered on a credit basis.
The suite thus allows network operators to extend micro-credit to subscribers, easily and instantly, which is then recoverable from the user’s balance after s/he completes the next top-up.
To ensure any and all credit offered is recoverable, the Mobile Credit suite utilizes credit rating. This is a unique score attached to each subscription. This credit score helps determine the subscriber’s capacity to pay back the credit received from the mobile operator. The credit score is calculated based on our unique algorithm. The upper limit of the credit extended to each subscriber is variable and is dependent on their respective credit scores.

For example, a mobile credit request from a subscriber with a good credit score would be processed instantly whereas a request from a subscriber with very low credit score will be denied.

This also promotes a model user behavior in all subscribers, encouraging them to pay dues on time, make use of special offers, top up often and remain with the operator for the long term.


M Money enables mobile subscribers conduct transactions using their mobile wallet balance as a digital currency. Subscribers can perform a variety of functions such as online shopping, ticket reservations etc. utilizing their mobile wallet balance. This balance can also be used for over the counter, cash free transactions at retail outlets. If the wallet balance is running low, subscribers can apply for mobile money credit and utilize the additional money in their wallet for the aforementioned purposes. Whether or not the credit feature is made available to the user and the limit of the credit amount extended to each user depends on their corresponding credit score.

M-Hello Tunes

Hello tunes offers users the option to set custom ring back tones. The default ring sounds might bore callers and subscribers have the option to enhance their callers’ experience by selecting from a library of songs that callers listen in place of the ring sound.


The M-Zodiac service enables subscribers to receive astrological predictions on USSD every day. Subscribers have the option to set their zodiac sign and obtain custom messages regarding what to look forward to and watch out for every day, based on their horoscope.


This is a must have service for the devout. It helps users subscribe to daily verses from holy books. Subscribers have the option to select from the Holy Bible and other holy texts and obtain and obtain one guiding verse every day via USSD.


This suite helps subscribers access various contests run by the mobile operator and/or their partners. Subscribers can listen to voice based contest questions or interact via SMS and USSD.


Mobile apps provide an avenue for brands to reach out to their customers. By reaching customers with targeted campaigns based on their shopping history and preferences, brands can inspire loyalty and increase sales. The application also helps keep track of what products, campaigns and/or offers the customers respond most to and helps the brands plan and strategize accordingly.

Data Analytics for Telecom service providers

Our data analytics solutions collects and processes customer data from various sources and transforms it into intelligent information used to deliver CRM and loyalty bonuses, value added services, customized offers, business insights, market projections and more. Our analytics suite utilizes descriptive, diagnostic and prescriptive analytics.

Tax Compliance Assurance

Simplifies tax regulatory compliance for service providers in sectors such as telecom and healthcare. Our product is a robust, real-time, automatic tax calculation tool that integrates seamlessly with the client organization’s existing billing, remittance, shopping cart, in-house reporting and accounting software. Our scalable and flexible tax compliance suite helps organizations streamline and simplify their tax management and compliance with accurate receipts and tax projections.


Subscribers can get live alerts and scores of ongoing games via USSD. They can also check upcoming fixtures, match schedules and recent results.

Events and Ticketing

Our Events and Ticketing suite helps users perform all event management functions from event creation to booking venues, hiring performers, sending invitations and managing the guest list. Organizers can create ticketed events and market as well as sell tickets to customers via the app. Customers can set their preferences and have events listed based on the same. They can share their experiences, give feedback as well as invite friends and family to the events. Tickets can be purchased through the app and customers can avail of special discounts and offers